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About Ward Water

Maine water | A family run treatment company

For more than a century Ward has specialized in the delivery and treatment of Maine water.

In 1896 Marcellus & Lizzie Ward started a family run Maine water treatment business.  The Wards began installing delivery systems for clean, reliable, healthy drinking water.

Using the most advanced equipment for its time Ward specialized in the design and installation of “Wind Mill” based water systems, to deliver water to Maine homes and businesses.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that the Wards could have ever envisioned after 120 years their family business would still be going strong.

Advances in Maine water treatment

Today, times have changed and so has the science of water technology.

Ward Water no longer uses Wind Mills to provide homes and businesses with dependable drinking water. Deep well submersible pumps have replaced the wind mills.

Nano filtration systems and adsorptive media resins now purify the water our customers depend on.

And microbiological testing methods allow us to analyze contents in Maine water for the presence of harmful chemicals and contaminants.

About Ward Water

Contaminants in Maine water Today Ward specializes in the treatment of:

  • Water Radon
  • Arsenic
  • Uranium
  • Bacteria
  • Hardness and other minerals such as Iron & Manganese
  • pH correction


Customer care

After all these years, despite changing times and advances in water treatment technology our customers are still the center of our business.

Ward Water has remained a strong, locally owned, family run Maine water treatment company. We pride ourselves for quality workmanship and giving full attention to our customer’s needs.

After 120 years our goals as treatment professionals have not changed:

  • to care for those who need our help
  • to provide our customers with an abundant supply of clean, reliable, healthy Maine water. This is something we feel every person is entitled to.


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