Limington Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

Limington Maine Water

Limington Maine Water | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium & Bacteria 


Limington Maine Water and healthy living.

If you live in Limington and your home’s water comes from a private well, we can assist you with health related water treatment and testing for various problematic water related contaminants. Read more…

Scarborough Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

Scarborough Maine Water

Scarborough Maine Water | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium & Bacteria 


Scarborough Maine Water and healthy living.

If you live in Scarborough and your home’s water comes from a private well, we can assist you with health related water treatment and testing for various problematic water related contaminants. Read more…

Buxton Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

Buxton Maine Water

Buxton Maine Water | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium & Bacteria 


Buxton Maine Water and healthy living.

If you live in Buxton and your home’s water comes from a private well, we can assist you with health related water treatment and testing for various problematic water related contaminants. Read more…

Hollis Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

Hollis Maine Water

Hollis Maine Water | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium & Bacteria 


Hollis Maine water and healthy living.

If you live in Hollis and your home’s water comes from a private well, we can assist you with health related water treatment and testing for various problematic water related contaminants. Read more…

Arsenic and Children IQs | Concerns from Recent Maine Study

arsenic and children

Arsenic and Children – Is your child’s IQ affected by Arsenic in water?

Study on Arsenic and Children – In a collaborated effort, Scientists form Columbia University and The University of New Hampshire have completed a 5 year study involving Maine School Children and exposures to Arsenic from drinking water.

The results of the study show a strong correlation between even low levels of Arsenic in home drinking water and normal child development.
Read more…

Reverse Osmosis & Hard Water | What You Need to Know

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems are remarkable pieces of equipment. They do an amazing job of removing many troublesome well water contaminants. Arsenic, Uranium and Sodium are just of few health related contaminants these system are designed to treat for.

But before making the final decision to install either a point of use or whole house RO system, you’ll definitely want to make sure the water going into your new system is low in both minerals and Hardness. If not, you might be setting yourself up for a very rude awakening.  Read more…

Bacteria in Your Drinking Water| How to Fix It


Requesting bacteria water testing, when buying or selling a home, is a fairly standard practice in today’s real estate world. Making sure your family’s water is safe from the harmful effects of bacteria, such as Ecoli or Coliform bacteria, is just good common sense.

If your water has tested positive for persistent bacteria, there’s really no need to hit the panic button too quickly.

In this article we’ll take a look at one of the simplest, healthiest, lowest maintenance and most cost effective ways of ridding your home’s water of bacteria…permanently.

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Buying a Home? | 5 Signs the Water May Have Problems

arsenic radon uranium maine

Be your own DIY Water Detective!

So, you just found the “perfect home” for your family and you are now under contract. Congratulations, my friend…I am truly happy for you!

In a few days you’ll most likely be scrutinizing every inch of your new home and making sure all is as it should be. You and your home inspector will undoubtedly be looking at about a million and one things during this process. If your new home happens to receive its water supply from a private well, you’ll definitely want to have the water tested for various health and non-health related concerns, as part of this process.

Prior to receiving your test results, there are a few simple “homeowner CSI” steps you  can take to get an idea if your well water may or may not have potential problems.

Lets’ take a look at 5 quick and easy inspections you can perform yourself, in literally less than 5 minutes time. Read more…

Why Radon in Water is a Health Concern

radon in water

“I spoke with XYZ company and they told me that because our home’s “air” Radon level is low, not to worry about lowering the “water” Radon Levels???”

I can’t tell you how many customers we speak with in the period of a month who tell us this same exact story.

In this article we’ll help to clear up the misconceptions, and misinformation about Radon. We’ll explain why you need to make sure that levels in your home are below the recommended limits in BOTH the air and the water and why Radon in your water poses a serious concern. Read more…

The Difference Between Water Radon and Air Radon

maine water radon

As a Maine Water Radon Mitigation company, much of the work we perform is directly connected to home sales – specifically, installing water Radon treatment systems for people buying and/or selling a home.

Despite awareness efforts from Realtors and Home inspectors, there is still a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between the Radon found inside a home’s air and the Radon found in a home’s drinking water.

In this article we’ll examine those differences, explain how Radon enters a home’s water & air supply and shed some light on the ways a homeowner can minimize the risks associated with indoor Radon infiltration.

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Maine Water Treatment | Top 3 Water Health Concerns

Maine water treatment and 3 commonly found problems that affect your health – what you need to know about these problems and what you can do if you have high levels in your well water.

In this article we’ll take a brief look at:

-The 3 most common health related water contaminants 
-How they affect your health
-What you can do to keep your family safe
Read more…

Being Transparent with Customers | Life in the Connected Age


We live in a world today that is incredibly connected. It’s also gradually becoming much more transparent. Sometimes that transparency can be downright scary.

I think it’s definitely in our nature as human beings to want to show others only what we think they want to see in us. We all want to be liked and to be approved of – something that probably goes way back to when we were kids.

It’s really no surprise that most businesses today want to do the same thing when it comes to their customers – especially when it comes to attracting new customers!

Our fears tell us that we couldn’t possibly share the entire picture with our clients if there’s any chance they might not like what they see once we’ve done so.

Or could we? Read more…

Falmouth Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium

falmouth maine water

Falmouth Maine Water Treatment & Testing | Arsenic, Radon, Uranium 


Falmouth Maine Water – Life and healthy living in the beautiful town of Falmouth Maine

Falmouth is a fantastic, family based community – great schools, wonderful homes, oceanfront activities and close-by access to all that the Greater Portland area has to offer. We’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of this community for more 30 years.

For homes in Falmouth that receive water from a private well we offer a variety of services for both health relater water concerns and other issues common to the area. Read more…

Blue Stains in Shower or Tub Fixtures? | Your Water may be Corrosive

blue stains Blue Stains in Shower, Tub or Sink Fixtures.

Feeling a little BLUE lately? If you have blue stains starting to cover your homes beautiful fixtures & appliances you might find yourself a bit on the frustrated side.

It would be difficult to count the times I’ve been in a customer’s home, for other water related issues, and happen to notice they had blue stain marks in their shower or sink.

After having it brought to their attention, on average 5 out of ten people are genuinely surprised and have never really paid much attention before. Of the other 5 who have noticed it, 90% of those generally have no idea what it is or where it comes from.

In this article we’ll take a look at:

-What causes these blue stains.

-How damaging it is to plumbing, heating systems and appliances.

-What you can do to fix it. Read more…

Generation Baby Boomer | 4 Tips for Senior Fitness

There are couple of “inevitabilities” that I have come to accept in life:

-We’re all getting older.

-Each year feels like it goes by quicker than the last.

-The older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape.

Last week I came across a Facebook post about an inspiring senior from Atlanta, Georgia who is still rocking the Pickleball courts at 99 years of age! It was a beautiful reminder to me that there’s always a way of finding enjoyable physical activities that will help us stay strong and healthy, regardless of our age.

Let’s take a look at just who this 99 year old “model of health” is, what he does to stay fit, and a few simple suggestions from WebMD on living a long and strong life… Read more…

What is Reverse Osmosis Anyways?

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis, to me, has always had that very sophisticated and impressive sound to it. The nice part is, the systems work almost as impressively as they sound. You may be looking into a Reverse osmosis system if you have some nasty things in your water like Arsenic, Uranium or even bacteria.

But has anyone actually explained to you what these systems do, or how they work?

In this article we’ll take a quick “101” look at Reverse Osmosis and answer questions like:

-How does Reverse Osmosis work?

-What water contaminants can it be used for?

-What are the pros & cons to RO systems? Read more…

Don’t Drink that Water! – Part 2 | Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Tap Water Fears

In Part I, we started to take a look at the misconceptions most consumers have about the difference between tap water and bottled water. We also offered some eye opening statistics about the bottled water industry in the U.S.

Facts such as:

-U.S. Consumers purchase over 500,000,000 (that’s half a BILLION) bottles of water every single week.

-Bottled water, costs on average, 2000 times more than the water coming out of your own tap.

-1/3 of all bottled water sold in the U.S. is simply REPACKAGED TAP WATER.

In this article, I’d like to help clear up some of the misconceptions about tap water. I’d also like to explain why there’s a VERY good chance that what is coming out of your faucet might be just as safe, if not safer, than what you’ve been buying from the store every single week.

Read more…

Don’t Drink that Water! | Tap Water vs Bottled Water

httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileHK_Central_IFC_21th_Floor_-_Double_Cove_Show_Flat_kitchen_washing_sink_n_water_pipe_tap_Oct-2012.jpgDrinking Water Misconceptions

I don’t know about you, but there’s definitely a part of me that is a bit of an idealist. Call that part of me a moral compass, if you’d like. This compass believes certain things ought to be a certain way, and other things just shouldn’t be the way they are.

It’s just who I am, right, wrong or otherwise and I accept that about myself.

Unfortunately, “should be” and reality quite often are two very different things. I learned this years ago and it is simply a part of life. This I also accept.

To our demise, many businesses understand and accept this concept as well. There have been entire industries born and built as a result of this “grey area” between reality and what should be. Heck, a large portion our country’s mega-marketing machine are centered around principles like this.

In this article I’d like to look at one of those industries and maybe shed some light on some of those misconceptions we the public share about it. Read more…

Windham Maine Water Testing & Treatment | Radon, Arsenic, Uranium

windham water

Windham Maine Water Testing & Treatment | Radon, Arsenic, Uranium & Bacteria 

Windham Water – Life and healthy living in the beautiful Sebago Lakes Region of Maine.

If you live in Windham or the surrounding communities and your home’s or business’ water comes from a private well, we’re here to help. Read more…

Sugary Drinks | Booming Business for Funeral Homes – Part II

sugary drinksIf you are just joining us and haven’t read Part 1, let me re-cap where we left off:

-Harvard Researchers determine 25,000 U.S. deaths annually, are linked to drinking sugary drinks like soda, juices & energy drinks.

-I offered the question: “Is this really a surprise to anyone since we are one of the most obese nations on the planet?”

-We looked at the transformation in our society’s health that has taken place over the last 30 years and how much more active many children were before the information age happened.

Last but not least, I was about to propose a “revolutionary” idea that might just put a big old dent in the booming funeral home business, stemming from this nationwide transformation.

I’ll give you a hint. I did this A LOT as a kid.

Read more…